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Essential Knee Pads for Running! Better Protection for Knees


First of all, why do we wear knee protectors. When exercising, the knee is prone to injury due to heavy load, and wearing sports knee protectors can effectively protect the knee, tighten muscles, and avoid sports losses. Therefore, knee protectors are essential equipment during exercise. This knee protector combines a thickened EVA pad to fully fit the core of the knee, which can reduce the impact of exercise on the knee bones. The circular silicone ring and perforated design of the knee can more effectively fix the position, release pressure, avoid patellar movement, and provide some protection for the meniscus. In addition, there are also high elasticity metal strips inside, hidden on both sides of the knee pads, which are soft and elastic, allowing for the ability to withstand external impact forces during exercise and providing sufficient support to the legs. This not only protects against injury but also makes exercise more effortless.

Many people are worried about wearing it uncomfortable, but in fact, this one is not at all comfortable. It has introduced German horizontal weaving technology, and the outer layer is made of woolen Lycra fabric, which can be repeatedly pasted without easy fuzzing. The inner layer is made of SBR diving suit material, which has a very delicate feel, is very soft and elastic, and has high comfort when wearing. It will not rub against the skin during exercise, allowing for free movement. Not only that, it can also be repeatedly washed with water. After exercise, it can be washed with water and placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally.
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